The Public Institution Jurbarkas District Primary Health Care Center was opened on July 16th, 1997, after the reorganization of Jurbarkas District Central Hospital. The center operates in the area of primary health care.

  1. The main objectives of the institution areto organize and provide high quality and qualified health care services according to the modern quality management standards, improve the health of the Lithuanian residents, reduce morbidity and mortality.
  2. The main Goals of the Institution in Health Care:
  • to organise and provide qualified and non-specialized primary health care services at the Institution or in patients‘ homes;
  • to provide essential medical assistance.
  1. The main areas of activity of the institution are: to organize and provide personal health care services, which are provided by a personal health care license.
  2. In pursuit of its objectives, the institution is engaged in the following types of economic commercial activities (activities according to the Classification of Economic Activities) approved by the Department of Statistics under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania:
  • providing outpatient health care free of charge to insured persons with compulsory health insurance for persons who have chosen this institution in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts, who apply to the institution and according to the invitations to patients at home and home care, provision of emergency medical assistance;
  • other human health activities;
  • activities of a family doctor;
  • dental practice activities;
  • mental health care activities;
  • provision of free personal health care services;
  • providing outpatient personal health care services: 
  •  when these services are included in the list of outpatient health care services paid by the   Government of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • where services are provided to persons who have approached the institution on their own initiative and the territorial health insurance fund does not pay for their health care;
  • providing free emergency medical care to all residents of Lithuania;
  • in the agreement concluded with the Territorial Patient Fund in unforeseen cases, the institution follows the Law on Health Insurance of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law on Health Care Institutions, other special laws, Government resolutions and other legal acts;
  • other activities not prohibited by law, which would improve the conditions of work and rest of staff and patients, organization of conferences, seminars, training courses, etc .;
  • implementing public health programs for health promotion, health education and safety under contracts with the clients of these activities and services.

Structure of the Institution:

  • primary outpatient family doctor and nursing services;
  • cooperative health services (Pediatricians, Internists, Gynecologists, Surgeons, Midwife services)
  • primary outpatient dental health service;
  • dental prosphetic services;
  • emergency medical service;
  • mental health center services;
  • Smalininkai Medical point;
  • Veliuona Medical Point;
  • Medical Points in: Pilies 1, Girdžiai, Žindaičiai, Stakiai, Skirsnemunė, Raudonė, Juodaičiai, Tamošiai;
  • DOTS services- a course of tuberculosis treatment
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